Setting up Multi-Day/Multi-Type Events

Hey Evey users!

Some of you may have events that run for multiple days, or at multiple different times, maybe both and you want to use Evey without having a create an event/product for each one. If that is you then you come to the right place because this guide is for you.

We can achieve this particular set up using the ticket types option found in Evey and a feature of Shopify called Product Variants. More info on product variants can be found here: Product Variants

Now to teach you how to give your attendees the gift of choice when buying their tickets to your event. You can customize the following guide pretty easily to suit exactly your needs.

Step One:
From within the Evey Shopify app you first have to create the different ticket types for each day.

Once that is done, navigate to the "Products" page in Shopify and click on the product that was created for your event. Once there scroll down and you should see a variants list in the Shopify product for your event like this:

Step Two:
Next you will want to click on the "Edit Options" button at the top of the variants list.

Once the pop-up appears you will want to change the default option to "Day" and click the "Add Another Option" button and name that one "Type" and fill in the second box with "Type" as well and click save.

Your variants list should look like this now:

Step Three:
Click on the "Edit" button for any your variants in the list.

On the next page you will want to edit the options for "Day" and "Type" to match the tickets you would like to sell and then click save at the top or the bottom of the page. You can edit these options for all your tickets by using the list on the left hand side of the page before returning to the product.

When you return to your product your list should look like this(I also used the "Reorder Variants" button to change the order in which they appear on the page):

Step Four:
Now you can view your new product page for the event which should have a drop down box for "Day" and "Type" so attendees can choose the tickets they would like to purchase.

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