Getting Ready For Your Event

Hello Evey Users!

The day of your event is fast approaching and we want you to be ready!
Here is everything you need to know to make that day run as smoothly as possible.

Step One: Before the day of your event you'll need to create a check-in account to use with our check-in interface. This account is separate from your normal login credentials and you can create as many accounts as you want for your event. You'll find the menu option for check-in users on the left hand side of the Evey admin for your event.


The next step is to click the blue "Add User" button and fill out the credentials you'd like to use for this account.

Now click "Save" and you're done!


Step Two: We recommend testing out the check-in process prior to the day of your event to familiarize yourself with the system and make it second nature on the day of your event.

To test it you'll need a device with a camera capable of scanning of QR codes and access to the internet. Most Android and iOS devices are capable of this with just downloading an application. We offer official Evey Check-In applications which can be downloaded for either operating system from below: 


Alternatively iOS devices with a camera and running iOS 11 or newer are capable of scanning QR codes with the built in Camera application.

Once you have a QR Code scanning capable device ready all you have to do is point the camera at one of the tickets generated by Evey and it should prompt you to open the web browser.

Step Three: Once the ticket has been scanned and you open the prompt to open the web browser you'll be presented with the Check-In User interface. Fill out the credentials you set up in step one and you'll be ready to start checking in your attendees. Here is an example of what you will see when you scan a ticket's QR code.

All you have to do now is click the green "Check-In" button and your attendee will be marked as checked-in.

Now you're ready for the big day of your event, we hope it's the best one yet!


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