Additional Event Settings

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When you first create your event you will see the following during that process:

Let's take a quick look at these options starting from the top.

"Visible in Store"
This one is pretty easy, we want to know if this event should be visible in your store? Not quite ready to let people see your next awesome event? Uncheck this box and you can make it visible later through event settings or your Shopify Admin area.

“Enable eTickets”

This one has two options, the first option will automatically send tickets to attendees once their order is completed in your Shopify admin. In order for an order to be considered complete and the ticket to be sent it has to be marked as “Paid” and “Fulfilled” in your Shopify admin.

The second option found here will still create a ticket for your attendee once the order is completed the only difference is you will have to manually send their tickets to them by going to your attendee list and clicking the “Send Ticket Email” button found there.

”Ticket Types”

This option allows you select what kind of tickets your attendees will be able to receive when they place an order.

“Ticket Transfers”

By enabling this option you will allow your attendees to make changes to their tickets and transfer them to another person. When an attendee transfers their ticket, their original ticket is cancelled and a new one is created for the person they transferred it to and the new attendee receives an email with their eTicket attached.

”Primary Contact E-mail for Your Event”

This is how your attendees can reach you with questions about their orders and your event in general. We strongly recommend filling this out as it allows your attendees to reach out to you with all their questions and you assure them that your event is the best one out there.

”Ticket ID Start Number”

This option allows you to customize the number at which your tickets will begin to be issued at. You can leave it as is or if you want to change it then this option is for you

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