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Here are answers to some of our more frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here please feel free to reach out to our support team at hello@eveyevents.com

  • What are the charges you can expect from Evey?

    We only charge a flat fee of $20 per event/per month, there are no other fees for using our application.

  • Do charges stop after my event is over?

    With Shopify policies you will have to manually cancel your subscription to any events that have ended otherwise the application will continue to provide you access to your data and the charges will continue until cancelled. 

  • What if I have multiple events running per month or none? 

    As mentioned above we charge per event on a monthly basis. For example if you run three events through the month of June you will see a charge of $60 for that month. Inversely if you run zero events through June you will see no charges from Evey. We only charge you when you're using the actively selling tickets. 

  • When will my customers receive their tickets? 

    Once an order is completed in Shopify, that includes having the order marked as "Paid" and "Fulfilled" in your admin, an attendee will be automatically created in Evey and a ticket will be sent out to that customer. This is unless you have chosen the option to manually send tickets through Evey Settings, which we cover in an article found here

  • What if I want to offer different ticket types? 

    After creating your event initially you can go to "Event Settings" and then "Ticket Types" to create as many different ticket types at different price points as you need for your event. 

  • Somebody asked for a refund for their order, do I need to do anything in Evey?

    Once the refund is completed in Shopify we advise you to go to the Evey application, find the corresponding tickets for the order and choosing the "Delete Attendee" action. This will delete the attendee and invalidate the related ticket.

  • I'm trying to log into the check-in interface but it says my log-in isn't correct

    Before you can log into the check-in interface you will have to create a "Check-in" account through the application. You will find this option on the right hand side of the app's navigation bar. We use "Check-in" accounts to keep your Shopify admin access secure. More information on checking in attendees can be found here.

  • Do I need to purchase special equipment to scan tickets? 

    You can use any internet-connected device with a camera and the ability to scan QR Codes. This includes the latest iOS devices running the latest software and Android devices with a QR scanning app downloaded. More information on scanning tickets can be found here.

  • My event is over now, what do I do?

    Once your event is over we recommend navigating to the "Subscriptions" tab found within the Evey application where you will be able to cancel your subscription to your event to stop the charges from Evey for that event. Once your subscription is cancelled much of the data from the event will no longer be accessible through the application and you will also be free to delete the event. 


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