Exporting and Importing Attendee CSV Files

Hey Evey Users!

This guide is going to show you how to export an attendees CSV file from the Evey application and then also how to import an attendees CSV file back into the application.

To Export a CSV file of Attendees from the "Attendees" page click the button circled here.

The file that is generated from the application will look like this, as you can see it contains an in-depth amount of information on every attendee for your event.

Now to import a CSV file for your event you want to use a CSV file that looks like the following.
The most important part here that may cause issues if not followed properly is ensuring that the "variant_title" exactly matches the name of a "ticket type" you are selling for your event.

Now you can go back to the import CSV file option found on the "Attendees" page. Once there choose the file you created, or drag and drop it into specified area.

On the next screen you'll see options for your CSV file import that can customized to suit your needs, you can also use the circled areas in the screenshot below to select the values that are represented in your CSV file.

Once you click import the file will begin importing and if there are any issues you will receive an email with the line number of the attendees that experienced issues.

Also just a note that the newly uploaded attendees may be listed in reverse order in your attendees list as they are created in top to bottom order from the CSV file.

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