Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Create your event

Create an event in the app and it will automatically create a product in your Shopify store for that event!

If you want more than one ticket type, such as VIP, Early Bird, etc, you can do this easily by adding ticket types on the Shopify product admin page. Ticket types are Product Variants on your Shopify Product. You can edit group sizes in the Evey application to provide discounts or extras for groups who want to attend your event!

Once you start adding Variants in your Shopify admin it will look like this and the Evey Application will update as well.

Your event will be visible in your store like any other Shopify Product, and customers can purchase it the same way! You can do anything with your event product that you can with normal products, such as adding discount/promo codes, integrating other apps, etc.

Step 2: Customize Emails and Tickets

Fully customize emails that your attendees receive when they purchase a ticket. Attached to this email will be the PDF and/or iOS Passbook tickets that belong to that attendee.

You can also customize the PDF and/or iOS Passbook tickets by adding images and logos.

Step 3: Check-In Interface

On event day you can use our mobile optimized check-in interface with any QR code scanning app for your mobile device to scan each attendees ticket. Just scan their ticket and you'll be directed to the check-in page where you can view details about that guest and mark them as checked-in. If someone is already checked-in we let you know!

You can even create separate user accounts for this check-in interface so you can allow anyone at the doors to your event handle the check-ins!

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