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This guide is to help you customize our email template that is sent to attendees after they purchase their tickets. On the following pages you can customize the body content of the email. It uses the same template language as Shopify, so you can customize the content based on attendee, event, and shop details. We'll include a list of all available liquid variables from Evey at the bottom of this guide.

To customize your email template you can go the following page in the Evey Application


You now have the option to customize two different ticket email templates, your single ticket email and your multi-ticket email.


Single Ticket Email Template

This email is sent to you each attendee for each ticket that is purchased. It represents a single ticket and has the PDF / Passbook file attached to the email if you have those types enabled. You can customize this template here:


We recommend including the attendees name, event name, your contact email, a link to the event, and a link to the attendees ticket management page where they can download or update their ticket information. As an example:


Hey {{ }},

Thank you for registering for the {{ event.title }} event!

Attached is your ticket for the event, please bring it on the day of the event. You can manage/update this ticket at {{ attendee.manage_url }}.

You can check out the event page at {{ attendee.event_url }} for more details. If you have any questions please email us: {{ event.contact_email }}.

The {{ event.title }} Team


Here is the list of all the liquid variables available to use for this email template:

{{ event.title }} - Title of event
{{ event.location }} - Location of event
{{ event.start_at }} - Start date of event
{{ event.end_at }} - End date of event
{{ event.contact_email }} - Email address provided by you as your contact email for your attendees
{{ event.public_url }} - URL of event
{{ event.latitude }} - Latitude coordinate of location (if available)
{{ event.longitude }} - Longitude coordinate of location (if available)
{{ event.description }} - Full description of event / product
{{ event.has_pdf_ticket_type }} - True/false flag for if PDF ticket type is enabled
{{ event.has_passbook_ticket_type }} - True/false flag for if Passbook ticket type is enabled
{{ event.has_ics_ticket_type }} - True/false flag for if ICS ticket type is enabled
{{ event.allow_transfers }} - True/false flag for if transfers are allowed for tickets
{{ event.timezone }} - Timezone configured for this event
{{ }} - List of available ticket types for this event

{{ }} - Name of shop
{{ }} - Email associated with this shop (owner address)
{{ shop.shop_url }} - URL of shop
{{ shop.domain }} - Domain of shop (without https:// protocol prepended)

{{ attendee.first_name }} - First name of attendee
{{ attendee.last_name }} - Last name of attendee
{{ }} - Full name of attendee
{{ }} - Email provided by attendee
{{ attendee.order_name }} - Order name/number from Shopify where this ticket was purchased
{{ attendee.token }} - Unique alphanumeric token for this attendee. Used for internal use only unless you have some reason to give it to the customer.
{{ attendee.manage_url }} - URL to ticket management page for this attendee where they can download their tickets or update their information.
{{ attendee.event_url }} - URL of event this ticket was purchased for
{{ attendee.number }} - Sequential ID of ticket (scoped to your event)
{{ attendee.pdf_ticket_url }} - URL to download PDF ticket
{{ attendee.passbook_ticket_url }} - URL to download Passbook ticket
{{ attendee.ics_ticket_url }} - URL to download ICS ticket
{{ attendee.purchased_on }} - Date the ticket was purchased on (in event timezone)

{{ attendee.ticket.title }} - Name of ticket / variant
{{ attendee.ticket.inventory }} - Inventory available for ticket
{{ attendee.ticket.price }} - Cost of ticket


Multi-ticket Email Template

Or you can enable, and customize a multi-ticket email which will be sent to attendees who purchase group tickets or more than one ticket in a single order. We recommend enabling this is you expect to have many multi-quantity orders or group tickets. If it's not enabled, those customers may receive many of the single ticket emails with attachments within a short period of time and their email clients could either block some (as spam) or group them so they're harder to find.

This multi-ticket email can be enabled by choosing the following option:


We recommend including the event title, URL, contact email, as well as a list of attendees and their available tickets (link to their ticket management page). There is no attachments to this email so linking them to their ticket management page is required if you want to give them access to their ticket. As an example:

Hey {{ }},

Thank you for registering for the {{ event.title }} event!

You can find your ticket(s) for the event below, please bring them on the day of the event. You can view/update these tickets at

{% for attendee in attendees %}
{{ forloop.index }}. {{ attendee.manage_url }}
{% endfor %}

If you've purchased these ticket(s) for others you can transfer them to those people at each ticket URL.

You can check out the event page at {{ event.event_url }} for more details. If you have any questions please email us: {{ event.contact_email }}.

The {{ event.title }} Team

The available liquid variables for this template are the same as for the single ticket emails except the structure is a little different for the attendees. Since this email template is for multiple attendees, the {{ attendees }} variable is now a list of attendee objects, each having the same available variables as listed above.


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